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A cop's fight with depression: I was successful, depressed, but unaware of my illness

The doctor discussed the signs and symptoms of suicide. Suddenly it dawned on me that he was discussing exactly the way I felt.

Cops fail to find reason even after three days

Three days after 27-year-old Rupali Andhare allegedly committed suicide in her room at the Manora MLA Hostel in Cuffe Parade,the police are yet to ascertain what led her to take the extreme step.


IHBAS counsellor ends life,cops say was depressed

It was the nature of his job that pushed the 35-year-old medical counsellor into depression and subsequently towards suicide.

Materialism makes people depressed and less sociable: study

Studies indicated that materialism is not just a personal problem. It’s also environmental.

Childhood hardship linked to adult disease risk

Children who are abused,lose a parent or suffer from hardship have a risk of chronic health conditions later.