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Denmark govt buys four elephants from circuses so they can retire

An animal rights group, Animal Protection Denmark, will care for the gentle beasts until the government finds a capable facility. The ministry will soon start an application process to choose a zoo to take the elephants from the state free of charge.

In Denmark, bewilderment and anger over Trump’s canceled visit

On Wednesday, disbelief and condemnation echoed through the political landscape, as it began to sink in that Trump wasn’t kidding. “Please stop,” Martin Lidegaard, head of the foreign affairs committee in Parliament, wrote on Twitter.


Social Democrats appear headed back into power in Denmark

The Social Democrats and other left-of-center parties appear headed to having one more vote than a majority in the 179-seat parliament, the Folketing.

Explained: All you need to know about Denmark's election

Wednesday’s election might be a rare case in which Denmark is left with an inconclusive result as traditional political groupings are abandoned, opening the door to new coalitions that may require protracted talks to forge.

Prince Henrik of Denmark dies at age 83: palace statement

The 83-year-old French-born prince was diagnosed with a benign tumour two weeks ago. He had been hospitalised following an illness that began during a private trip to Egypt.

Germany convicts Syrian refugee of preparing Denmark attack

The man was arrested in November with 17,000 matches, a package of fireworks, 17 batteries, six walkie-talkies and two kitchen knives and was trying to make his way into Denmark. The court said he was strongly influenced by Islamic State propaganda.


Passage to Malmö

Recalling a time when crossing over the Oresund — from Denmark to Sweden — was a joy ride.

Satirical Adopt-A-Dane Foundation video seeks Africans to rescue Denmark's old

The founder of the fictitious Adopt-A-Dane Foundation says, "Sure, we might have contaminated water, epidemics and lack electricity. But it seems from the Facebook comments that old Danes are worse off."

India ranks 76th in global corruption index, Denmark is least corrupt country: Report

North Korea is among the most corrupt countries in the world, the report says

Danish hospital says case of Zika virus discovered

A Zika virus case was also confirmed in Sweden last summer, said Sara Rorbecker of the Swedish Public Health Agency.

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Denmark: World's first 'waste supermarket' opens in Copenhagen

The world’s first ‘waste supermarket,’ that sells expired food only, opened its doors in Copenhagen, Thursday. Excited customers flocked to ‘Wefood’, who are selling a variety of products, that would otherwise end up in the bin, at reduced rates. The supermarket hopes to attract both environmentally conscious customers and low-income individuals and aims to reduce […]