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Monday, June 25, 2018


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Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi over non-construction of super speciality hospital in Odisha

Fifth Column: Endangered democracy

This sickness in our democracy did not begin after Narendra Modi became prime minister. But, it is this storyline that has been sought to be disseminated by secular, leftist political commentators in order to disguise their loyalties to the Congress party.

‘Stalled projects’ is bad optics, so government moves to tweak label

Democracy is BJP’s core value, party never wavered from founding ideals, says PM Modi

The party’s core values are steeped in democracy, Narendra Modi said, adding that it is guided by a democratic spirit in its thinking, working and executing its agenda.

PM Modi to brainstorm on New India

Denying Nehru his due

Were ancient Indian polities democratic, democracy thus representing India’s enduring culture? And what was Jawahar Lal Nehru’s role in institutionalising democracy?

The duty of the young

Since the politicians would do nothing to inform the youth about the socio-economic problems facing the nation today and only exploit them, it is the responsibility of civil society organisations and the media to educate young people.

Party democracy, ideology important for progress, says Amit Shah

Those without either, function on parivarwaad and casteism, says BJP president

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Lynching democracy? Your outrage is a barometer of society’s moral fibre

Reducing democracy to a numbers game is a very dangerous situation, given the fact, that contrary to our smug self perception, we are quite a violent society with a lot of conflicts inbuilt in our social structure.

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US to engage with Myanmar for transition to civilian rule

“We are carefully exploring in close consultation with Congress what can be done to use calibrated military-to-
military engagement to support a transition to civilian rule,” US Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said.

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Out of my mind: Article 356

Federalism and democracy are the twin pillars which have to be honoured.

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Ways of a democracy

Now, when I see problems in universities across the country, and how all who happen to be involved conduct themselves, my thoughts go back to what I saw long ago in Cambridge.

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Reverse Swing: My ‘anti-national’ brother

A respected journalist is gagged by goons on a university campus.

Dissent and democracy

Within a government, ministers are expected to convey opinions on policy proposals. A second channel is through public representatives (the members of Parliament).

Myanmar elections: Army will keep privileges even with opposition win

The military, which took power in a 1962 coup and brutally suppressed several pro-democracy uprisings during its rule, gave way to a nominally civilian elected government in 2011 — with strings attached.

Chronicle of the Emergency: When poetry spoke against the betrayal of democracy

It was U R Ananthamurthy, the Kannada intellectual, who prodded Perry in 1978 to collect the protest writings of the Emergency before they were lost.

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Thousands join Hong Kong rally but in fewer numbers than before

Success in blocking government’s restricted election plan and exhaustion after protests throughout the year are cited as reasons for less participants at Hong Kong rally.

In inoculation and irony, the Emergency’s lasting lessons

One lesson of that time turned out subsequently to be a blueprint for Opposition success. It learnt that the adage about Strength in Unity was not just a cliché.