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Coming to a zoo near you: Pythons, cobras and boas

On the list are five pythons, four cobras, four rat snakes, two monitor lizards, and — in what will be two new species at the Delhi Zoo — a pair each of common sand boa and red sand boa.

Delhi zoo moves to summer schedule; ORS, glucose, coolers beat the heat

Even as mercury soars to 47-48 degrees Celsius in peak summer, inside the night house, where the big cats are kept in steel cages, two large, heavy-duty desert coolers and four 'toofan' fans whirl non-stop to maintain the ideal temperature -- between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius -- for the animals.


Delhi zoo set to welcome three new species in new year

Five leopard cats, five fishing cats and two Oriental pied hornbills will come to Delhi zoo in exchange of two Indian peafowls, five hog deer, and five Indian palm civets

Delhi zoo’s winter preparation: Honey bread for bears, heater for chimpanzee

According to zoo curator Riaz Khan, “40-45 heaters will be installed in enclosures across the zoo, although Rita, the 58-year-old chimpanzee has already got one since she is aged. The gibbons too have been provided heaters.”

Chinkara dies after failed delivery at Delhi zoo

The female chinkara was brought to the zoo as part of an exchange programme from Nandankanan Zoological Park in Odisha in 2015.

High Court asks Delhi Zoo to preserve documents on animal deaths

The bench further said that it will be the director's personal responsibility to preserve the documents, and any wrongdoing will be her responsibility. 


Two tiger cubs die within 10 days at Delhi Zoo

The last time such inbreeding took place at the Delhi Zoo was in 1991, when yellow-striped Royal Bengal tiger Sundar and white Royal Bengal tigress Shanti mated, and had two offspring- one white and one yellow.

Bengal tigress has Independence Day gift for Delhi Zoo: Two healthy cubs

In May, the zoo conducted an inbreeding experiment after 27 years, when mating was facilitated between white tigress Nirbhaya and a five-year-old Royal Bengal tiger called Karan.

As painted storks arrive at zoo, an early treat for bird watchers

"Painted storks usually come to the zoo by mid or late August, sometimes even September with the sole purpose of nesting... but this time an advanced party arrived a week ago. By September, we expect over 800 painted storks as they migrate from the Himalayas,” said zoo curator Riaz Khan.

Delhi Zoo experiment a success: A white tigress is pregnant

The last time such an initiative was taken by the Delhi Zoo was in 1991 when Yellow Bengal tiger Sundar and White Bengal tiger Shanti mated, and had two offspring - one white and one yellow.

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Royal Bengal White tigers - Delhi zoo's showstoppers

The Royal Bengal White tigers on a winter morning in the National Zoological Park in New Delhi.

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Under The 40-Degree Plus Sun, Delhi Zoo Goes Into Summer Protocol

As Delhi complains of the heat, try being in Riaz Khan’s shoes. His one inmate is used to -2 degrees Celsius, the other to 40-degree temperatures; the biggest weighs in at 2,500 kg, the smallest is lighter than 15 gm; one calls for wheelbarrow khichdi meals, the other for kheer. 176 acres, 1,500-plus creatures, 200 […]