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Delhi's air emergency: Arjun Rampal asks people to wake up

Delhi's weather condition has the nation worried. The most recent personality to comment on the national capital's air quality is Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal.

Suffering from air pollution? Detox with these easy drinks

Get relief from cough, cold, congestion and other health risks caused by rising pollution.


Memes about #Smog and #DelhiChokes trend as air quality in Delhi and NCR remains poor

Centre for Science and Environment(CSE) report on Tuesday showed that fireworks on Diwali night played an “overwhelming” role in the rapid deterioration of air quality in Delhi-NCR

Air quality plunges to 'severe'; Here's how to protect yourself from smog

Smog, that appears as a thick haze with a brownish tint, is mostly caused by high concentrations of nitrogen oxides.

Delhi pollution HIGHLIGHTS: Toxic haze over city as air quality plunges to 'very poor'

Delhi Air Pollution Level Today, Delhi Pollution Live News Updates: Follow this space to track data on pollution and AQI levels in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. 

The dangers of air pollution: What you need to know about Delhi smog

Anyone who engages in strenuous outdoor activity, from jogging to manual labour, is prone to smog-related health hazards.


From ginger to olive oil: Foods that can safeguard against air pollution

Eating a well-balanced diet could be one way of tackling the problem as some foods have been proven to protect you from the pollutants. Here are some foods that can make you more susceptible to the detrimental effects of air pollution.

From turmeric milk to tulsi chai: Here are some home remedies to combat pollution

To help you deal with the fallout of the plunging air quality in the capital, we have compiled a list of easy-to-make home remedies with easily available ingredients.

Air pollution cuts average Indian's life expectancy by over 4 years: Study

Concentrations in Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and the National Capital Territory of Delhi are substantially higher, and the impact on life expectancy exceeds six years.

Air for thought

National Capital Region requires a roadmap to tackle pollution throughout the year, not knee-jerk bans.

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Easily available in your kitchen, these foods will help keep pollution-related ailments at bay

While the latest updates say that the air quality has improved in Delhi NCR, the pollution levels continue to remain high. But worry not as these foods will help keep you fit.

India vs Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka players wear face masks at Feroz Shah Kotla due to Delhi pollution

Sri Lankan players were seen wearing face masks at Feroz Shah Kotla during the second day of the third Test because of the alarming level of smog in Delhi.


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Delhi Clears Up After 10 Days Of Smog

The first thing that the Central and Delhi governments should own up to regarding the air pollution crisis is that everyone was forewarned and cannot pretend to be taken unawares. This “winter of our discontent” is the season when, as temperatures dip, pollutants hover around the surface of the city and do not waft upwards. […]