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Wednesday, May 18, 2022



Try this refreshing drink to beat dehydration in summer (recipe inside)

May 16, 2022 3:55 pm

Coconut drink with orange, lemon with peel and honey contains essential electrolytes, potassium and sodium to rehydrate the body, said fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala

Ditch aerated drinks for these desi sherbets, perfect for beating the summer heat

April 17, 2022 7:58 pm

In India, we have an array of options sold in makeshift stalls by the road, offering people some respite from the scorching heat

How to identify a heat stroke or dehydration in pets

April 05, 2022 5:26 pm

Dehydration can cause excessive sleeping or difficulty in standing or walking

Simple ways to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day

February 14, 2022 3:00 pm

"There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for daily water intake", said Dr Manjit Kumar.

Make the most of this festive season with these dietary tips

October 07, 2021 7:25 pm

"Long-term adherence to these dietary tips will help you maintain your weight, improve health and enjoy parties," said Ira Trivedi

Is your child suffering from dehydration? Here are some signs

September 27, 2021 6:44 pm

Giving extra fluids or oral rehydration is a solution, especially when your child is vomiting.

Water, water everywhere -- but don't forget to drink, says Swedish Olympic sailor

July 29, 2021 3:32 pm

"You've really got to be out in front when it comes to hydration. A race takes 50 minutes and we don't drink anything during the race, so you really have to fill up before and between the races," Sweden's Josefin Olsson said

As Pakistani dried dates become costly, Kutch farmers launch dehydration plant

June 21, 2021 2:11 am

With 18,825 hectare (ha) under date palm cultivation, Kutch is the largest date palm district in the country, accounting for around 85 per cent of acreage and production of India

Ramadan 2021: Some essential fasting tips

April 14, 2021 11:44 am

Here are some essential tips to keep the body's energy levels up during the month-long Ramadan fast

Summer health: Keep digestive problems at bay with these diet and lifestyle tips

April 05, 2021 3:47 pm

Loss of fluids can lead to constipation. Even Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can get aggravated during summers


Top foods to hydrate your body in summer

April 20, 2015 3:24 pm

When the temperature soars, dehydration becomes one of the major problems. An expert suggests that people consider food as a source of water.