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J&K: Traders welcome Union Budget, increase in defence allocation

However, the Chamber feels that there should have been some relaxation in GST regime wherein services are being taxed as highest as 18 per cent effecting every citizen of the country.

The problem with raising India’s defence expenditure to 3 per cent of GDP

An IDSA analysis argues that increase will lead to capital spending cuts elsewhere; way ahead lies in fixing imbalance in the defence budget.


US House passes USD 717 billion defence budget for fiscal 2019

The National Defence Authorisation Bill bolsters the Department of Defence's efforts to plan for and provide the necessary forces, military infrastructure, logistics capabilities, and bilateral and multilateral training in the region through the Indo-Pacific Stability Initiative.

India plans to gift obsolete weaponry to friendly countries

So far, India has only gifted used Mi25 helicopters to Afghanistan, although it has provided indigenous smaller equipment such as patrol boats to some countries in the neighbourhood.

The battle for money

Funds shortage is affecting the preparedness of the armed forces, but the government has chosen to ignore the crisis.

House panel’s view of defence funds: What flags it raises, how those affect the forces

The report notes the Budget “is not supportive to the inevitable needs of the Army”, and the allocation will fail to reduce the “huge deficiencies and obsolescence of weapons, stores and ammunition existing in Indian Army”.


Defence budget: Indian Army expresses frustration over inadequate fund allocation

"Keeping in view the increasing threat perception, which includes various occurrences of external strife and internal dissidence such as Doklam, increased external activities in Tibet over a year, rampant cross border firing, militant activities etc., the current budget is not supportive to the inevitable needs of the Army," the panel said.

Budget 2016: Rs 2.58 lakh crore allocated for defence, here are ten things you need to know

This is the first time in public memory that outlay for defence was not covered by the Finance Minister in his speech to the Lok Sabha.

Defence budget raises serious questions about India’s national security plans

There is little money available to buy new weapons, and even among that, that money is already committed to equipment under supply.

Defence Budget: Looking at new weapons, forces find capital outlay slashed

Defence budget rises less than 5%, capital allocation reduced 8.5 % following under-utilisation.