December 16 gangrape

December 16 gangrape News

Sheila Dikshit — Worked closely with police but December 16 rape strained relations

Responding to a question on bringing Delhi Police under the state, during an Idea Exchange event with The Indian Express in 2013, Sheila Dikshit said studies have been conducted on Delhi’s administrative setup, which said the police should be in the state government’s control.

December 16 gangrape-murder case: Tihar puts convicts under 24-hour watch

Sources said the warders have been asked to make sure the convicts don’t harm themselves. They will also sleep outside the cell if the need arises.


December 16 gangrape-murder: Death penalty on paper, will wait for hanging, says victim's mother

December 16 rape case victim's mother said she believed that nothing less than the death penalty could curb such crimes.

Politics overtakes event to mark five years of December 16 gangrape

The event was organised by Nirbhaya Trust at the Constitution Club. As Kejriwal began to address the gathering, a section of the audience allegedly created a ruckus.

December 16 gangrape left a permanent scar but Rahul Gandhi came like an angel, says victim's father

The parents of December 16 gangrape victim recently revealed how Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi counseled their son regularly and motivated him to do something good in life in order to support the family.

Nirbhaya gangrape case: Convicts consider mercy plea before President

Thakur had allegedly put in several requests to allow him to work in the jail but due to the threat to his life, he was not allowed to work with other inmates, said sources.


Dec 16 gangrape: Off camera, how they got House to hear Jyoti parents’ anguish

Away from TV cameras, a group of men and women worked to amplify a family’s anguish so that it could be heard loud and clear and prod the dissenters into changing their stand and voting for the Bill.

December 16 gangrape: Supreme Court refuses to block release of juvenile

Currently with the Rajya Sabha, the proposed amendments to the Act entail a stringent scrutiny of the mental and physical capacity of juveniles offenders aged between 16 and 18 years when they are found involved in heinous crimes.

Dec 16 gangrape: Once he walks out, I have failed my daughter, says Jyoti’s mother

The juvenile convict, now 20 years old — the sixth person convicted of raping and brutalising her daughter in 2012 — is set to walk free today.

Dec 16 gangrape: We are being treated like the guilty ones, says victim’s parents

On Saturday, the victim’s parents had claimed they had been detained while they were protesting near the reform home where the juvenile convict was lodged, but police said they had been “removed for their own safety”.