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UK police hunts for David Schwimmer's 'lookalike'; netizens flood social media with F.R.I.E.N.D.S' jokes

The post, which went viral with over 96 thousand comments and over 64 thousand shares, stirred hilarious responses on social media. While some were amused by the similarity between the two, others thanked the police department for sharing the picture in the first place.

David Schwimmer joins the cast of Netflix's Panama Papers drama

David Schwimmer has joined the cast of Steven Soderbergh's Panama Papers thriller titled The Laundromat. Streaming giant Netflix has even confirmed that it will finance and release the movie.


David Schwimmer was worried he would be typecast as Ross

Friends star David Schwimmer always had a fear of being identified as Ross forever.

David Schwimmer sad about Mathew Perry's absence from 'Friends' reunion

David Schwimmer is sad that his good friend Matthew Perry will not be able to make it for "Friends" reunion.

Friends reunion soon: Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Kourtney Cox (Monica) to come together once again

Twelve years after the show's finale, the cast of 'Friends' will reunite on February 21, confirmed NBC head Bob Greeblatt.

Fake 'Friends' movie trailer releases online

A trailer titled, 'Friends: The Movie' (2015 Trailer) made its way to the Internet recently.


David Schwimmer to star in sitcom 'Irreversible'

David Schwimmer will play the role of a pessimistic writer in the sitcom.

For a struggling ‘Friend’,a new shot

It seemed like a tangent at first.

World Vignettes

Friends star David Schwimmer is a married man.

Schwimmer,Aniston no longer friends

David Schwimmer is reportedly not talking to his former ‘Friends’ co-star.