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Malaika on dating Arjun as a single mother: 'Still my son's concierge service for everything'

"I have to give my son a lot of credit for that. He has been very understanding and supportive. That was essential for me. My happiness matters the most to him and his happiness, to me. He has been instrumental in shaping my life," said Malaika.

They divorced, then became gurus of dating

When Alyssa Dineen divorced her husband of 13 years, she started Style My Profile in 2017. Meanwhile, Amy Nobile, when she split from her husband of 20 years, started finding matches and setting up dates on her clients' behalf.


5 dating challenges for single parents to overcome

If you are on a matrimonial site, then you should state clearly that you have kids. However, if it's a causal dating site, you need to play with numbers. And chances of a left swipe are much higher if your profile picture is you and your cherubic toddler.

Mumbai: 41-year-old man duped of over Rs 12 lakh by fake dating website

A 41-year-old man employed with a private bank has been allegedly duped of Rs 12.55 lakh by a ‘fake’ online dating website. The police said the complainant paid Rs 12.55 lakh to the alleged fraudsters after they promised him a ‘date’ with girls in the city. 

Men prefer women to make the first move in dating: Study

According to a recent survey, 88 per cent of the men said they find it "really hot" when the women make the first move.

Decoded: What Indian men expect from their dates

Over 6,450 men from big and small towns across India participated in this survey which was conducted earlier this month.


There are four types of dating couples; which one are you?

There are four types of dating couples, shows a recent study, and the longevity of the relationship varies accordingly.

8 types of guys you should never date

Here's a list of the kind of guys you should not date, because, it is just simply too tiring to say, "Hey, we need to talk!"

Women are more likely to trust gay friends for dating advice

The lack of ulterior motives in homosexual friends tend to increase trust levels in women, and they end up seeking more dating advice from their gay friends.

8 kinds of people you should never date

Prevention is better than cure. I guess this age old adage also applies to relationships.