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Madhya Pradesh: Two held for flogging Dalit petrol pump employee

A Dalit employee of a petrol pump in Madhya Pradesh’s Hoshangabad was allegedly tied to a pole and flogged with a whip because people running the pump wanted to instil fear in employees against being absent from work.

Bhavnagar: DGP transfers probe into Dalit youth murder to CID-Crime

Victim’s father had met DGP last week, told him that he had no faith in the investigation carried out by Bhavnagar police


Attack on Dalit boy over moustache was staged, say Gandhinagar police

On September 29 in the same village, another 24-year-old Dalit man, Krunal Maheriya, was allegedly beaten up for sporting a moustache. In both cases the victims have alleged that the attackers were from the upper-caste Darbar community.

Rajasthan: Dalit girl raped after she went to defecate in fields

The four persons abducted the girl and took her to their rented accommodation, where they allegedly raped her, police said. The accused fled the spot. The girl was found lying unconscious by her family members, who informed police of the incident.

One Dalit is killed as Saharanpur is back on the boil, attack after Mayawati’s rally

The person who died has been identified as Ashish Meghraj, 25, a resident of Sarsawa.