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A year after bombay HC directive, govt yet to issue guidelines on Dahi Handi pyramid height

In August 2017, a bench headed by Justice Bhushan Gavai had passed a judgment on a plea filed by Patil seeking directions to the government to impose conditions on mandals organising Dahi Handis across the state.

Two die during Dahi Handi celebrations: 21-year-old falls to death from pyramid; onlooker electrocuted

Palghar dahi handi: “After his troupe broke the handi and a celebration was on, Rohan who was seated on his friend’s shoulder fell on the ground and suffered head injuries. The incident took place around 6.30 pm,” said inspector Kiran Kabadi.


Dahi Handi: Bombay HC refuses to pass orders relating to age and height restrictions for human pyramid formation

The Bombay High Court commented that people died while taking selfies, playing cricket and majority of accidents also take place in toilets, "accidents happen everywhere. Is this our job to look into all this," questioned the court.

Dadar event organisers booked as cops scan Dahi Handi footage

According to police officers, around 400 major Dahi Handi events in the city were captured on camera Sunday.

Dahi Handi in Mumbai: Subdued celebrations as city follows rules

Height restriction of pyramid at 20 feet brings down prize money, age limit keeps many groups out of the game

State issues guidelines for Dahi Handi celebrations

The state government had in February constituted a committee to study the issue of classifying Dahi Handi celebrations as adventure sports.


One Govinda dead, 202 injured

While 19 Govindas were injured in Thane, the maximum number of injuries in Mumbai were reported from Dadar and Worli areas.

On big day, Dahi Handis meet SC order half-way

Cops, organisers seen checking birth certificates of Govindas; only a few in human pyramids wore helmets or safety gear.

Kids among members, Spanish Dahi Handi team says unaware of SC order

One of the representatives of the organisation Sangarsh said nearly Rs 60 lakh have been spent on the Spanish participants by the organiser.

‘Dismiss doubts that Govindas come for money, don’t accept cash prizes’

Dahi Handi Utsav Samanvay Samiti has taken around 800 mandals in Mumbai, Thane into confidence.

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Mumbai sees subdued Dahi Handi celebration; 1 killed

Mumbai saw subdued Dahi-Handi celebrations on Sunday (September 6), in the backdrop of restrictions on height of pyramids and curbs on decibel levels.

Rani Mukerji turns Govinda on Janmashtami, Ajay, Bipasha celebrate Dahi Handi

Bollywood celebrities Rani Mukerji, Ajay Devgn and Bipasha Basu took part in Dahi Handi celebrations in Mumbai.