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Dadri lynching: No question of returning home, just hope case moves quickly, says Akhlaq's kin

With 45 court hearings since the case was registered, the trial is yet to begin as the city court is still hearing arguments on charges against the accused.

Noida: Bus overturns near Dadri toll plaza, 1 dead

A bus travelling on GT Road overturned near the toll plaza at Dadri on Tuesday morning, leaving one dead and seven injured. Police said the accident possibly took place because the driver —who fled after the incident— fell asleep while driving.


Three unsettling years

The national consensus Gandhi began building a century ago is under threat

Act against Akhlaq family in 20 days or else: Dadri chorus

The demand was raised during a village meeting at the local temple, from where an announcement was allegedly made on the night of September 28 last year, asking residents to assemble since a cow had been slaughtered.

15 named in Dadri lynching chargesheet, no mention of beef

Nearly three months after Mohammed Ikhlaq was lynched by a mob in Dadri, police on Wednesday filed a chargesheet against 15 people, including a minor, but there was no mention of beef in it.

PM Narendra Modi owes it to us to 'hold aloft the torch of freedom'

In lamenting PM Modi’s dilemma (damned if he does and equally damned if he doesn’t), Chandan Mitra, in classic propagandist fashion, first provides us with a cleansed version of what happened to Mohammad and Danish Akhlaq in Uttar Pradesh. A rejoinder is necessary.


Shah stopper

BJP chief’s intervention will, hopefully, force party leaders to be cautious with their words.

Khattar’s beef: Former RSS pracharak seems to think majority has right to dictate terms and conditions

Haryana CM’s views on citizenship are disturbing and violate provisions of the Constitution.

Amit Shah to states ruled by BJP: Draw curtains on beef ban row

Sources said the PM had made his displeasure regarding the beef controversy known to Shah after receiving inputs from state governments and independent organisations.

They’re just like us

Closing of the Muslim mind is a global development. Are we seeing a closing of the Indian mind, too?

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Dadri lynching, three years: Their village home locked, justice still eludes Akhlaq's family

Three years after 50-year-old Akhlaq was dragged out of his house and lynched on suspicion of possessing beef, his family says they can never return

Protest in Delhi over Dadri lynching

A 24-year-old youth on Tuesday (October 6) was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his house, heightening tension in the village after his family alleged that he was facing police harassment following the lynching of a man here over beef rumour.