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CDSCO flags Medtronic insulin pump, issues alert over its cybersecurity risks

“An unauthorised person with special technical skills and equipment could potentially connect wirelessly to a nearby insulin pump to change settings and control insulin delivery,” stated CDSCO in its alert, a copy of which The Indian Express has viewed.

This password was most prone to hacking attacks. Any guesses?

The '123456' password was followed by '1234', which was attempted over 1,335 times by cyberattackers in the Mumbai cloud server. The third most attempted login password was 'Admin' with close to 1,156 logins and at the fourth position was 'Ubnt' with 912 logins.


Internet without control is like having your home wide open; need to be vigilant for thieves: China Cyberspaces Affairs Deputy Director

If data is public, it’s okay to transport but for sensitive and private information we will not allow it, says Liu Chong.

Cybersecurity: 67 per cent organisations in India hit by ransomware last year: survey

As per the survey, despite the intensity and magnitude of attacks, Indian businesses are still not prepared to defend itself against determined attackers.

Children seek acceptance on Web if they don’t get it at home: experts

The responsibility of creating a “safe internet for children” lies with parents, educators, and social media giants. This was the central theme of an IEThinc event on cyber security for children, organised by The Indian Express in association with Facebook.

Cybersecurity firm: US Senate in Russian hackers' crosshairs

Trend Micro based its report on the discovery of a clutch of suspicious-looking websites dressed up to look like the US Senate's internal email system.


Government calls meet on cybersecurity next month

It will also alert the concerned parties in case it detects any malicious activity. NIC helps government agencies build their digital presence.

Hacking of car's internal computers can kill millions, risk national security: Expert

Car hacking should be considered a national security issue, as hackers can "kill millions" of people using hijacked cars, warned an expert.

Kaspersky to open security code in attempt to regain user's trust

Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab, battered by suspicion of Russian government influence, wants to reassure customers by opening up its software's underlying code for outside review.

New firewall protects smartphones from security threat

Scientists have developed an innovative firewall programme that can protect smartphones from malicious codes and security threats. Researchers from BGU in Israel discovered a security vulnerability in the internal communications between Android cellphone components and a phone's CPU.