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The cost of running Guantánamo Bay: $13 million per prisoner

Guantánamo has held a cumulative total of about 770 foreign men and boys as wartime prisoners at different times, with the prison population peaking at 677 in 2003.

Twitter blocks accounts of Raul Castro and Cuban state-run media journalists

Dozens of accounts of journalists for Cuban state-run media as well as the official account for the Communications Ministry were also blocked in the crackdown late on Wednesday.


Cuba says facing acute fuel shortage due to US sanctions

The Trump administration has tightened the decades-old embargo on Cuba in what it says is an attempt to get the Communist government to reform and drop support for Venezuela's embattled socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Trump's security adviser John Bolton unveils new US sanctions to pressure Cuba, Venezuela

Bolton's announcement of the new sanctions came just hours after the Trump administration said it was lifting a long-standing ban against US citizens filing lawsuits against foreign companies that use properties seized by Cuba’s Communist government since Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution.

Cuban president calls for strengthened defenses, economy in response to Trump threats

Cuba relies on imports directly or indirectly for much of what it produces and consumes, including fuel and food, and purchases the supplies with foreign currency it earns from exports and obtains through credits.

Cubans go to the polls in high-stakes constitutional referendum

Foreign and local observers said they expect between 70 percent and 80 percent of voters to ratify the new constitution and a greater number of no votes and abstentions among the country’s 8 million registered voters.


Cuba charges US moving special forces, preparing Venezuelan intervention

Cuba has been a key backer of the Venezuelan government since what is called the Bolivarian Revolution began under former leader Hugo Chavez in 1998.

Cuban assembly approves draft of new constitution

The constitution maintains Cuba as a centrally planned economy ruled by a single Communist Party, but recognizes private property for the first time and paves the way for a separate referendum on legalizing gay marriage.

Cuba to begin full internet access for mobile phones

Until now, Cubans have had access only to state-run email accounts on their phones.

Another Canadian diplomat falls mysteriously ill in Cuba

Canada says it is considering all options regarding its embassy in Cuba.

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Strongest tornado in 8 decades hits Cuba, hundreds injured

A quarter of the city's roughly 2 million people were without power Monday afternoon and more than 200,000 people had lost water service because of a broken main and power cuts that left pumps out of service

Cuba after the Castros: A look at legacy and challenges ahead

The Cuban government on Wednesday selected 57-year-old First Vice President Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez as the sole candidate to succeed Raul Castro. It is the first time in almost sixty years that a Castro will not be the president of Cuba.


Defying rain, Obama tours old Havana on foot with family

President Barack Obama arrived to small but cheering crowds on Sunday at the start of a historic three-day visit to Cuba.

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Obama set to make historic trip to Cuba

President Barack Obama will pay a historic visit to Cuba in the coming weeks, senior Obama administration officials said, becoming the first president to set foot on the island in nearly seven decades. The brief visit in mid-March will mark a watershed moment for relations between the US and Cuba, a communist nation estranged from […]