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Vadodara: Crocodiles swim to residential areas as river water floods city

The Forest department of Vadodara has so far rescued three crocodiles which swam to residential areas by the Vishwamitri river waters.

Israel faces crocodile conundrum with stranded reptiles

"We found ourselves with hundreds of crocodiles in this farm that no one knows what to do with," said David Elhayani, head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council.


Odisha: 68 estuarine crocodile nests found in Bhitarkanika National Park

The nests were sighted by wildlife enumerators of the forest department.

Crocodiles are smarter than we think

The reptiles in rookeries had sticks on their snouts during and after the nest-building season.

Master of None

Why men stop at nothing in their quest to be better than the denizens of Jungleland.

Crocs in NDA waters affect training,pleas go unheard

The academy has been asking the state govt since June 2011 to relocate the reptiles; six crocs were released without Habitat Viability Report


Katraj Zoo crocodiles get sponsors

Crocodiles and alligators at the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park have finally found sponsors under the Animal Adoption Programme

Crocodiles at the receiving end of low water level in Vishwamitri

While it may take months or even years to stop the drainage water being released into the Vishwamitri river,the resectioning of the river having a large number of crocodiles has resulted into shifting of the reptile from shallow waters.

Crocs in murky waters? No one seems to know

Even though close to 100 crocodiles dwell in the heart of the city,their ‘protectors’-the Forest department-neither know their precise count nor the harm to the reptiles caused by the dumping of industrial waste in the Vishwamitri river.