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Should you have multiple credit cards? Here are the benefits and drawbacks

Having access to multiple credit cards can tempt you to spend more. It’s important to stick to a budget. If necessary you could consider setting a spending limit for each of your cards to control overspending.

Gemalto launches biometric credit card for contactless in-store payments

Gemalto has introduced a credit card that uses biometric technology, and identifies the card holder through fingerprint recognition.


Your credit cards may make you depressed

If you have too many credit cards and overdue bills, you could be at increased risk of depression.

Now get credit or debit cards in an hour

The time to issue a credit or debit card has been reduced from two to three weeks to 1 hour.

‘Credit cards increase our urge to splurge’

A schools’ initiative from The Indian express. Quest asked students of Mumbai schools: Do credit cards do more harm than good?

Currency: Paper trails

The Reserve Bank of India has announced withdrawal of currency notes issued before 2005.


Getting ready for your New Year investment resolutions!

Here's a quick check for making a simple,achievable New Year resolution for anyone irrespective of earnings.

Economic slowdown: Indian executives hit by job fears start shunning bank loans

Jobs uncertainty among young spenders is working as a big dampener for bank loans,says survey.

This festive season,play your cards right

RBI has banned zero per cent interest EMIs and has put ‘ifs and buts’ in credit cards transactions.

Ban on zero pct EMI not to hurt festive sales: Durables makers

Consumer durable manufacturers are among those who offer the zero per cent facility.