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Need one reason to eat chikoo? We give you many

From giving a boost to the body's immunity to fighting many bacterial infections, here's why chikoo is the superhero of fruits.

Can you tell apart common cold from flu? Look out for these signs

Both common cold and flu are respiratory illnesses which share some symptoms like runny or stuffy nose, breathing difficulty, sneezing, body ache and fatigue.


Take vitamin C if exercise makes you cough: Study

If you show symptoms of cough or sore throat after a vigorous exercise, intake of vitamin C could offer relief.

Prenatal pesticide exposure linked to childhood cough

Exposure to one pyrethroid,a variation of permethrin,was linked with increased risk for cough by age 5.

What's in a cough? 20,000 viruses

As many as 20,000 viruses are expelled in an average cough,which may be sufficient to infect many people,particularly those who are not vaccinated.