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Explained: Boris Johnson — the man and his policy positions

In the run-up to the leadership election of the Conservative Party, he repeatedly promised that he would ensure that the UK leaves the European Union by the October 31 deadline, with no further delays.

Explained: 1.6 lakh Conservative Party members vote to decide next British PM

1.6 lakh Conservative Party members would choose their new leader: a first of its kind moment in British history where the PM would be decided by such a small fraction of the country’s population.


Explained: How will Britain's Conservative Party choose PM May's successor?

The party has around 160,000 members. It said hustings would take place during this final stage and non-members would also be given the chance to meet and question candidates.

Out of my mind: The meltdown in Britain

History has crippled politics. But don’t worry. The UK remains the fifth largest economy in the world.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May avoids London wipeout in local elections

May will remain under pressure from rival Conservative factions: those who want to keep close ties with the EU by staying in the customs union, and others who say anything short of a clean break is a betrayal of the Brexit referendum result.

Tories Unshackled

It will be a Conservative government doing conservative things in the UK.


Mixed reactions from British expats to Cameron’s victory

They were hooked to TV and Internet for updates

Rise of the far-right

The Eurozone crisis and resulting austerity has triggered a rise in nationalist parties across Europe. On October 10,French President Francois Hollande warned that Europe risks “regression and paralysis if Eurosceptics and nationalists gain the upper hand”

British deputy speaker re-arrested over sex claims

Nigel Evans,55,was previously arrested in May on suspicion of rape and sexual assault.

Aus gaffe: Nobody ‘suppository of all wisdom’

Abbott appeared unperturbed by tittering among journalists and Liberal Party supporters.