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For third time, WHO declines to declare Ebola outbreak an emergency

With more than 2,100 infected and 1,400 dead, the outbreak centered in eastern Congo is surpassed only by the 2013-16 West Africa outbreak in which more than 28,000 were infected and 11,000 died.

Explained: Why the latest Ebola outbreak in Congo is a growing concern

Ebola outbreak in Congo has become the second-deadliest in history, behind the West African one from 2014-16 that killed more than 11,300 people.


Why Congo's Ebola outbreak still going strong

Congo's health ministry reports 759 cases, including 705 confirmed ones and 414 confirmed deaths. Ebola is spread via infected bodily fluids, including those of the dead.

‘Along the main road you see the graves’: UN says hundreds killed in Congo

The officials said the violence, between the Bununu and Batende groups in and around the town of Yumbi in Mai-Ndombe province, flared a few weeks before the country’s presidential election on December 30.

Ravaged by Ebola and war, Congo named most neglected crisis of 2018

Congo, where 13 million people in a population of 82 million need help, also topped the annual Thomson Reuters Foundation poll in 2017, but agencies said the situation had deteriorated.

Congo's Ebola outbreak now second largest in history, says WHO

As the need for help in containing the outbreak grows, two of the world's most prominent medical journals this week published statements by global health experts urging the Trump administration to do more.


Congo ruling coalition rallies supporters before presidential election

There are 21 candidates in the single-round contest, meaning victory could require significantly less than half the vote.

WHO to meet on Congo's Ebola outbreak as death toll soars

Ebola spreads through contact with the bodily fluids of its victims. The health ministry said 73 patients had received new experimental treatments. Of them, just over half recovered, 20 were still in hospital and the rest died.

At least 50 dead, 100 burned in Congo tanker truck fire

The accident occurred overnight in the village of Mbuba, not far from Kisantu city and about 200 kilometers (124 miles) southwest of the capital, Kinshasa

Fuel tanker collides with vehicle in Congo; 50 killed

Another 100 suffered serious burns in the crash that took place in the village of Mbuta, about 130 km (80 miles) from the capital. Roads in the central African nation are notoriously bad after years of war and neglect.