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Explained: Congo's Ebola outbreak may be controllable now. Here's how

The virus derives its name from the 250-km long Ebola river which flows through Congo and at a point is over 60-km from Yambuku, the rural Congolese area where some of the first patients of the disease were reported.

Congo: Fresh corruption allegations leveled against president's family

Global Witness has uncovered evidence linking the president's son, Denis Christel Sassou-Nguesso, to the embezzlement of millions of dollars. The Republic of Congo is no stranger to high profile corruption accusations.


Second Ebola case detected in eastern Congo's main city

The epidemic has killed more than 1,700 people since it was declared almost a year ago, becoming the second-worst outbreak on record.

First Ebola case in Congo city of Goma detected

The patient was a priest who became infected during a visit to the town of Butembo, 200 km (124 miles) north of Goma, where he interacted with Ebola patients, Congo's health ministry said in a statement.

Death toll rises to 43 at Glencore mine in Congo after collapse; more expected

The original death toll was estimated at 36 but rose through Thursday evening and into Friday as more bodies were uncovered, the officials said.

At least 36 killed in collapse at Glencore mine in Congo

Richard Muyej, the governor of Lualaba province, told Reuters that the accident occurred in the KOV open-pit mine at the Kamoto Copper Company concession, in which Glencore owns a 75 per cent stake.


For third time, WHO declines to declare Ebola outbreak an emergency

With more than 2,100 infected and 1,400 dead, the outbreak centered in eastern Congo is surpassed only by the 2013-16 West Africa outbreak in which more than 28,000 were infected and 11,000 died.

Explained: Why the latest Ebola outbreak in Congo is a growing concern

Ebola outbreak in Congo has become the second-deadliest in history, behind the West African one from 2014-16 that killed more than 11,300 people.

Why Congo's Ebola outbreak still going strong

Congo's health ministry reports 759 cases, including 705 confirmed ones and 414 confirmed deaths. Ebola is spread via infected bodily fluids, including those of the dead.

‘Along the main road you see the graves’: UN says hundreds killed in Congo

The officials said the violence, between the Bununu and Batende groups in and around the town of Yumbi in Mai-Ndombe province, flared a few weeks before the country’s presidential election on December 30.

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Ebola's life and death struggle in eastern Congo

Health experts agree the experimental Ebola vaccine has saved multitudes in Congo, but after nearly a year and some 171,000 doses given, the epidemic shows few signs of waning - over 1700 have died from the disease.