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Feel good about your looks and enjoy super sex life: Study

According to the researchers, body image is strongly linked to overall life satisfaction and feelings about romantic relationships.

Your confidence as a boss makes your team more creative

Creativity and confidence of leaders are contagious.


Women feel sexiest at the age of 28: survey

Women feel sexy when they turn 28 year old.

Confident people 'more likely to stick to a workout regime'

People,who are more efficaciou tend to approach more challenging tasks,a study has revealed.

Confidence key to weighing impressions we make

The art of understanding how we appear in the eyes of others is something which most humans have perfected.

Megan Fox lacks confidence

Fox feels she lacks confidence in her acting and modelling abilities.


Good posture ‘boosts confidence’

A good posture can boost confidence and promote self-assurance in people,according to a new study.

Exam success depends as much on confidence as on IQ

If you consider yourself to be smarter than others,your children are also likely to think the same way,according to a new study.

Horse riding eases back pain,boosts confidence

Riding on horseback not only eases back pain,but also boosts the rider’s confidence and emotional well being,a new study says.

India tops consumer confidence across world: Survey

Indians are ‘the most optimistic lot globally who think that their country will be out of the economic recession in the next twelve months,’ Nielsen said in a report.