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Chennai Brew: Chronicling lives of 'North Indian' communities in coastal city

The book traces the lives of four North Indian communities in Chennai against the backdrop of the Partition.

‘Chasm between Hindus and Muslims greater than ever’

We imagine India as a collection of different communities,religions,castes etc.


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Urs of a Sufi saint Baji Ismail held in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir, Feb 08 (ANI): People from different communities gathered at the shrine to celebrate the 46th Urs of Baji Ismail Sahib at the Jandi Morh area in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir. Thousands of devotees come from different parts of the country to pay their respects to the saint and seek his blessings. The sense of togetherness, love and respect was also seen among the people sharing meals on one large metal plate. The food is also believed to be a cure for diseases. Several arrangements were made for the people to offer prayers in the memory of the Saint. To mark the occasion, a speech on the history of shrine was also organized to spread awareness among the people. People also read religious texts and Quranic verses for spiritual peace. Such occasions help maintain unity and peace across a diverse country like India.

Sufism demonstrates unity in UP

Uttar Pradesh, Jan 13 (ANI): large number of devotees from different communities gathered at Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi district to celebrate the annual Urs of Chote Bade Sarkar. People from different parts of the country pay respect to the saints and seek thier blessing. Devotees from different religions together hold the sacred cloth to pay respects to the Sufi Saint. The reflection of unity and brotherhood was also seen among the children, gathered at the Shrine for yearly celebration. People offered silent prayers to get the spiritual peace. Later, religious Qawalli in the memory of the Saint was also offered to mark the occasion. India is a land of diverse religions where people have been living in peace from time immemorial. This portrays a picture of communal harmony, which is the true essence of India.