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Whittled down to 2 seats, CPI reiterates demand for 'Communist reunification'

In the election results announced last week, the CPI, which once boasted of 29 seats at the height of its undivided organisation in 1962, has been diminished to just two seats in the current Lok Sabha.

Trapped in a t-shirt

Che Guevara’s image is marketed by the system he sought to overthrow.


A different kind of secularist

Mujeeb Rizvi was a scholar-teacher who fought the pundits and the bigots

As you make your bed,so must you lie in it — or maybe not

Suspended CPM member says bed of cash doctored,apologises to ‘all Communists’

CPI veteran Bhargavan dies

Bhargavan was secretary of the CPI in Kerala for four consecutive terms between 1998 and 2010.

Prosecution seeks 'severe' sentence; Bo claims affair between wife,ex-cop

He was also removed from the ruling party following allegations of bribery,embezzlement and abuse of power against him.


CPM rebel leader killed in Kerala

The murder of the convener of the Left Coordination Panel,an umbrella of CPM rebels,has rocked Kerala,with the CPM and Congress engaging in a blame-game.

Veteran Communist leader Chaturanan Mishra dead

The 86-year-old CPI leader breathed his last in AIIMS this morning.

Davy's extradition: Defeat of Left may be CBI's gain

Kim Davy had claimed that assurances of human rights protection by Indian govt do not stand in the state run by "Communists".

Viktor Chernomyrdin

Viktor Chernomyrdin,a Russian prime minister,died on November 3,aged 72

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Somnath Chatterjee will be remembered for always being above party politics

The best example of his non-partisan behaviour is, of course, from 2008 during the Indo-US nuclear deal. Read more: