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Between the faultlines: In Sheikhpura, widening communal cracks lead to new Bajrang Dal unit

At 11 am on March 28, the procession began at Hanuman Mandir. According to Raja Kumar, 24, who is also on that FIR, when they reached the contested gali, they found their path blocked by police.

Bhagalpur clashes: Court rejects Arijit Shashwat's bail plea

Violence had erupted in Nathnagar area of the district, when people belonging to a minority community took exception to the loud music played at a procession.


Communal incidents: Home ministry probes why its data is different from NCRB tally

The Indian Express had on Tuesday reported that communal violence figures for 2014 revealed by the government in Parliament were almost half compared to those recorded by the NCRB for the same year.

A policy of spectre-mongering

Sangh Parivar has zeroed in on Census 2011’s data on religion. But Modi government needs to go back to the Sachar report.

Illegal shrimp ponds destroyed in Bharuch

The ponds were said to be the root of the communal riot on January 14, that claimed three lives.

Bharuch clashes: One more succumbs to injuries, toll reaches 3

Communal riots broke out in Ambheta and Hansot on January 14, following a fight over catching a kite.


Day after clashes, tension in Bharuch

Police and RAF personnel marched the streets in Hansot taluka as schools remained closed.

Communal clashes spark after kite fight in Bharuch; claim two lives

Sources told it all began after a Muslim boy was reportedly beaten up in Ambeta village for catching a kite.

Trilokpuri riots: Police were violent with Muslim women

Police had registered three FIRs in connection with the riots and arrested 32 Muslims and 12 Hindus.

Hard Look: Is electoral politics tearing Delhi’s social fabric?

Television screens flashed visuals that had long since been forgotten. Is electoral politics tearing Delhi’s social fabric?

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In riot-hit Ballabhgarh, Muslims offer Eid Namaz under strict security

The reason behind Atali riots was a disputed land, where the Muslims where constructing a mosque. Violence broke out on May 25

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Is VHP’s Ayodhya mobilisation bringing back fears of the 1992 Babri demolition?

Is the Ayodhya mobilisation now as powerful and potent as it was in 1992? Are there law and order concerns for the Centre and Uttar Pradesh government, both now ruled by the BJP? And most importantly, is it fair to compare 2018 to 1992?