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The law of happiness

Nations that ensure the rule of law are also home to happy people. Policy-making must strive for the larger satisfaction of the people with public institutions they have to regularly approach

Afghan Arena: Exit America, Enter China

The first round of the forum saw China announce some major commitments to promote regional cooperation.


Chinese takeaway: Beijing’s Afghan Role

Post-Partition geography has made Pakistan the most important regional actor in Afghanistan.

Too harsh to work

The call to ‘shun drugs, not addicts’ makes little sense as the narcotics law criminalises drug use.

Not the same thing

For the most part, certainly in most STEM disciplines, good research often requires expensive infrastructure — labs, equipment, libraries etc.

Modi in Nepal: Religion and Diplomacy

Narendra Modi, however, is absolutely right in recognizing that cultural and spiritual bonds between India and Nepal provide a strong foundation.


Shahi politics

The imam’s statement paved the way for another public debate on how representative a Muslim leader Bukhari is.

End of strategic autonomy

India’s power on the world stage will be measured by its ability to engage with, and influence, others.

Masses and audiences

In 2002, Gopalakrishnan introduced a system whereby anyone could pay a fee and watch movies.

More audacious than Rosetta

Philae’s landing on 67P is a remarkable feat, but its real success will be when it inspires more ambitious missions.