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'External regulation could result in perilous departure from cherished principle of freedom of press'

Excerpts from Chief Justice of India P. Sathasivam’s speech at the sixth Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards,July 23

Looking backward

On Section 377,the problem is not just what the Supreme Court didn’t say,but also what it did


'There is no plan to look for allies for a pre-poll tie-up'

At the latest Express Adda,BJP president Rajnath Singh in conversation with Shekhar Gupta,Editor-in-Chief,The Express Group,talks about Narendra Modi’s appointment as the party’s election campaign committee chief,L K Advani’s concerns and the BJP’s preparations for the polls ahead

No justice in death

Indian politicians are pandering to the lowest common denominator in public sentiment.

Iran,Arab Unity

International community debates the intricacies of the interim nuclear deal between Tehran and Washington.

Writings on the wall: Stumbling on Sonianomics in the land of angrezi dreams

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot will tell you about scheme after populist scheme. But you cannot escape the wave of aspiration and ambition in Rajasthan that’s forcing even Rahul Gandhi to do a significant rewrite.


Me captain,you team: Very vain,very effective

That's Imran Khan. Out to slay the 'circus ke sher' (of Nawaz Sharif),solve Pakistan's problems: thrash the thieves,get a driving licence,shoot down the drones,spook the West into giving you a visa. All you need is his bat,the magic wand that's,curiously,cast a spell

More than a security failure, a social failure

Stark questions about the state remain unasked,as we mythologise Maoists without understanding them

Parivar and the City

The personalisation of the BJP’s election campaign today does not stem only from the presidentialisation of the Indian polity.

Semi-Column: Ishant not consistent enough

While Ishant’s bouncers did more harm than good, Wagner used it as a surprise weapon — Shikhar Dhawan’s dismissal a case in example.