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Where prejudice takes wing

Being Muslim in a climate of paranoia...

Three finals in 2015?

Cricket World Cup so far has been humdrum. But next three ‘finals’ have the potential to make this a cup to remember.


Sensex at 20k again,where are you?

Reaching this week’s market benchmark was cause for celebration on Dalal Street.

By the states, for the states

The Planning Commission has increasingly become an anachronistic behemoth, although it did play a crucial role in the initial years.

How nature plots and plans to fool predators

Are the games that nature plays to fool predators really well thought out?

Speakeasy: History Rewrites Itself

If you want to arrive at an impossibly simplified account of Indianness, just hit rewind.


Down in Jungleland: Tiger in Your Backyard

In some countries, it’s legal to domesticate wild beasts, but the results aren’t pretty.

Allah and Aam Aadmi

Could these be the three new As of Pakistan? How we,in India,failed to get this dramatic shift

Still a question mark

Supreme Court has spoken of prospective parents, but remains silent on adoptees.

Bridging the Gulf

The stage is set for a more vigorous engagement with the region.