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States of inequality

The debate on federalism should not be just about the size of states.

View from a distant shore

Presidential cast of India’s poll campaign has generated interest in the US.


Making monsters of animals

We need better research and management in areas where people and animals live side by side.

City in search of a centre

Despite the invocations in the election campaign, the political story of urban India is yet to be told.

Gone adrift

Navy crisis was allowed to boil over. Defence minister left it too late to make a new beginning.

The world of Narendra Abe

Modi represents an Asian nationalism sparked by China’s rise, West’s duplicity.


Perils of restraint

On gender justice and human rights, court can’t hold back or abdicate responsibility.

On invisible margins

The Marathi film ‘Fandry’ is a searing story of the pig-catchers

A policy of activism and restraint

Government should use the ordinance route, not to push the 2014 disabilities bill, but to make the 1995 act more inclusive.

When the state listens

Pre-legislative scrutiny is a first step towards greater transparency in law-making.