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Colombia: At least nine killed in explosion amid protests

The incident came on the 10th day of a blockade of the area's major highway. Hundreds of members of indigenous groups have halted traffic on the roadway, demanding land titles and funding for social programs.

A twin inside a twin: In Colombia, an extraordinary birth

The condition is thought to occur in about 1 in every 500,000 births. In recent years, similar births have occurred in India, in Indonesia and in Singapore.


Venezuelan soldiers fire tear gas on residents amid tensions on Colombia border

The opposition is calling on masses of Venezuelans to escort trucks carrying the nearly 200 metric tons of emergency food and medical supplies sent largely by the United States over the last two weeks across several border bridges.

Car bomber kills 10 in Colombia police academy attack

President Ivan Duque called the explosion a "crazy terrorist act" against unarmed cadets and said he had ordered police and the military to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Colombian ex President Betancur, who sought peace with rebels, dies

Betancur, a member of the Conservative party who served from 1982 to 1986 - one of Colombia's bloodiest periods - had sought a negotiated peace accord with FARC, the ELN and M-19 rebels.

Human rights activists say hitmen are targeting them in Colombia: UN

"I was surprised to learn that for 100 dollars you can 'get away with it' or at least hire a hitman," Michel Forst, the UN special rapporteur on human rights defenders said.


Colombian rebels reject conditions for resuming peace talks

The rebels also accused President Ivan Duque of breaking promises made by his predecessor and said they will not accept his ``unilateral'' conditions for negotiations.

Colombia anti-corruption referendum comes up shy on votes

Most Colombians agree corruption is a plague that needs to be exterminated, but not everyone agreed that a vote was the best way to do so.

Colombians vote on anti-corruption referendum

The referendum seeks to slash the salaries of Colombia's Congress members and to bring laws that make public spending more efficient and transparent.

Colombia: Bodies of kidnapped press workers possibly found

Fears that reporter Javier Ortega, photographer Paul Rivas and their driver Efrain Segarra had been killed surfaced in April when a Colombian TV network said it had received gruesome photos purporting to show the bodies of the men.