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7 activities to boost your baby's cognitive development

Show your little one colourful picture books and read out stories to them. Your baby will enjoy looking at the bright colours and shapes while reading aloud will build their listening, memory and vocabulary skills.

Novel model explains the evolution of empathy

The model developing at Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany and the Santa Fe Institute in the US suggests that the origin of a broad range of empathetic responses lies in cognitive simulation.


Nasal breathing can help cognitive recognition

A report in The New York Times has identified a connection between memory and the way we breathe. Studies have shown that sniffing often creates memories.

Music does not boost intelligence: Study

Researchers found that music training has no effect on cognitive abilities of young kids.

Couples' numeracy skills linked to greater family wealth

Want to be a wealthy couple? Then,try to improve your numeracy skills,scientists say.