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Can coffee bean extracts cut fat-induced inflammation?

The researchers also stressed on the positive impact of using coffee bean by-products on the environment.

Suffering from constipation? Try these home remedies

Constipation causes may include insufficient water consumption, lack of dietary fiber, medication side effects or physical inactivity.


Green coffee: Latest weight loss and diabetes fad or superfood?

Research has indicated that the consumption of caffeinated coffee can lead to some reductions in long-term weight gain, an effect which is likely to be due to the known thermogenic effects of caffeine intake as well as effects of GCE.

How to make authentic filter coffee at home (with tips)

The filter kaapi or the brew-drip coffee is known to hold a special place for many coffee lovers.

Here's how you can save your teeth from coffee stains

The stains occur when the tannins — organic substances found in plants — build up on the tooth enamel.

Drinking hot tea may raise the risk of cancer, reveals study

For the study, researchers observed 50,045 people, between 40 and 75-year age group in Golestan, Iran, for an average period of 10.1 years.


Karnataka: Heavy rains hit coffee production for second year in a row

Karnataka accounts for 70 per cent of India's coffee production. In 2018-19 alone, it produced 219,550 metric tonnes (post monsoon estimate) of robusta and arabica variety of coffee.

Say Cheese and Bean

While wine and cheese are old lovers, a Pune-based chef has found that coffee and cheese have a rocking affair as well.

Wake up and smell the coffee! from your Ukrainian sunglasses

The main advantage of sunglasses made of coffee grounds and flax glued by vegetable oil is that if disposed, they turn into a fertilizer after 10 years.

Add some flavour to your day with these tempting recipes

From Chinese Style Corn Curd to Mediterranean Salad — which recipe would you like to try this week?