Express Investigation - Coal Burying Goa

Express Investigation - Coal Burying Goa News

Goa: HC asks petitioners to spell out their pleas against coal pollution

Justice R M Borde and Justice Prithviraj K Chavan were hearing a petition filed by NGO Goa Foundation and five others, seeking an order for permanent closure of operations of coal and coke handling at the port.

Coal Burying Goa: Lives touched by coal

Mormugao Port’s race to meet its coal targets, say Goans, has bypassed environmental concerns and their very way of life. From Vasco in the far west to Anmod on the Karnataka border, Smita Nair and photographer Amit Chakravarty traverse the coal trail to tell the stories


Gross breach, so ending JSW coal ops at Goa port: Pollution control board

Goa State Pollution Control Board also pulled up the Mormugao Port Trust for importing coal through mooring dolphins without consent to operate and with no pollution control measures at sea.

21 conditions for Goa’s Mormugao Port Trust: Green rules set for expanding port’s terminal capacity

Before the project starts, a copy of the marine and riparian biodiversity management plan, validated by the State Biodiversity Board, needs to be submitted.

Coal burying Goa: State House resolves to crack down on coal dust pollution

Coal burying Goa: Manohar Parrikar assured his government will “conduct an independent health study” and that no proposals for expansion of existing berths or new berths will be allowed.

Coal burying Goa: Pollution watchdog asks JSW why it had distorted facts, issues stern warning

In a seven-part investigation into the transport of coal by rail, road and water across Goa, The Indian Express had found that JSW Group has been exceeding its import capacity since 2012, getting 10.11 million tonnes in 2016-2017 alone.


Coal burying Goa: Green committee cites pollution fears to stall JSW’s Goa port plan

In its meeting, the EAC noted that air quality monitoring reports of the Goa State Pollution Control Board indicate that “particulate matter is exceeding the prescribed limits for the present handling capacities” at the port.

Coal burying Goa: Government asks for air monitors at ports

Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal had said that the Railways has started exploring a design change in its rolling stock to see if coal and other minerals can be carried in covered wagons instead of open ones to prevent coal dust from contaminating the environment.

To check flying coal dust hazard, Railways looking at covering its wagons: Piyush Goyal

An ongoing investigation by The Indian Express has revealed that transport of coal, at the rate of 25 tonnes per minute, by rail and road, has left in its wake environmental damage across Goa.

Coal burying Goa: Solutions in the air; slurry pipe, sealed trucks, wagons

Trains and trucks are used to carry coal to hundreds and thousands of kilometers, releasing huge amounts of coal dust in the atmosphere and leading to what Goa has to suffer.

Express Investigation - Coal Burying Goa Photos

See photos of the toxic coal train leaving Goa

3800 tonnes of coal per train, an average of 9 trains every day- The Indian Express tracks their trail across Goa and what they leave behind.

Images from Ground Zero of the coal routes in Goa

The Indian Express travels through all three routes of Goa to find soot covered homes, a lethal cocktail of respiratory ailments, and a ruined ecosystem.


Express Investigation - Coal Burying Goa Videos

Road Route For Coal: Choked Lungs, Homes & Trees

It’s 9 am and Manjunath Nagraj waits in his truck outside Mormugao Port’s Gate No. 1 to pick up steam coal for Ms Metals and Steel Pvt Ltd, a steel factory at Koppal in Karnakata. The coal was loaded from Richards Bay, one of the world’s largest coal export facilities in South Africa, and lugged […]

Watch: 9 trains a day, 3,800 tonnes coal in each - what the toxic train leaves in Goa

Every two hours on average, a freight train pulls out of Mormugao Port, 6 km from Vasco. Each of its 58 wagons is covered with blue tarpaulin, the edges of which flap in the breeze, revealing what lies underneath — about 65,000 kg of coal, the toxic black dust hanging in the air like a […]


Choking Goa, 25 million tonnes of coal to rise almost 3 km into the sky 

Nearly 25 million tonnes of coal — evenly spread across a standard football field, this toxic black mountain will rise almost 3 km into the sky. That is the amount that will be unloaded each year at the Mormugao Port Trust by 2020, just three years away. By 2030, official records attest, this is slated […]