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Christmas recipe: How to make Eggless fruit cake

How can Christmas be complete without a home-made dry fruit cake!

Actor and theatre artiste Siddharth Menon shares fond memories of a Christmas lunch he had as a child

It’s that time of the year again — sleigh bells are ringing and the sound of carols are drifting through the air.


Organic Growth

Switching to an organic diet can be tricky for several reasons. But for those willing to make an effort,the options are not limited.

Hearty Mix

You don’t really have to look at the calendar to know that it’s that time of the year again when festivities pick up pace.

A Hearty Mix

An increasing number of Christmas cake mixing ceremonies in the city herald the onset of the new season and a new trend.

Cosy Cuisine

NO time better than winter to relish sizzler steaks, washing them down with warm or warming beverages.


Sweet Lord

Everyone’s favourite food at Christmas is cake,but baking one can lead to monumental mistakes.

There’s Petha in Your Slice

And tutti frutti too. Nowhere else but in India does the cake get this exotic,says Chef.

Let us have cake

The cake was never part of our culinary DNA,but it has shed a few ingredients,gained a few and become a dessert worthy of our much-indulged sweet tooth. How the cake became Indian.

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Christmas Cake Recipe: Spiced Orange Wreath Cake

In the ongoing Christmas Recipe edition, we bring to you a lip-smacking dessert, the Spiced Orange Wreath Cake. We caught up with Shivesh Bhatia, a 22-year-old chef who loves baking cakes and desserts.