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Cheap combo pill cuts heart, stroke risks, study finds

The new study is much larger and gives stronger evidence because it tracked heart attacks, strokes and other problems — not just risk factors.

From diabetes to sexually transmitted diseases: Health checkups men should get done after turning 30

A timely diagnosis can not only keep a check on health but also help address any potential health condition in a timely manner.


High iron levels may help lower cholesterol: Study

The study, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, looked at the role that iron plays in 900 diseases, uncovering the impact of both low and high iron levels.

Poultry could be as bad as red meat for cholesterol: Study

The study recommends people to adopt dietary patterns with high vegetable content, but do not provide evidence for choosing white over red meat for reducing CVD risk.

Armed conflict linked with heart attack, stroke risk among civilians: Study

The findings could help inform international health policy in the prevention of heart disease in politically unstable countries where conflict is taking place, or likely to occur, researchers said.

Do high-cholesterol foods raise your cholesterol?

The vast majority of foods that are high in cholesterol, like steak or butter, are also high in saturated fats. Notable exceptions to this rule are egg yolks and shellfish, such as shrimp, lobster and crab.


Sleep quantity, quality linked to heart health in adolescents: Study

In adolescents, both quantity and quality of sleep had significant effects on aspects of cardiovascular health such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels and fat deposition. Longer sleep duration were associated with reduced cardiometabolic risk.

Eat barley to keep your heart healthy

Barley is comparably effective as oats in reducing overall risk of cardiovascular disease.

Diet diary: The natural alternatives to cholesterol-lowering drugs

The natural statins work as adjuncts to conventional therapy for those with heart disease and those with high cholesterol, even in individuals for whom high cholesterol is familial.

Breaking a myth: Lean red meat cuts cholesterol

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