Terrorists getting 'indirect support from political parties' to stop Modi: BJP

According to BJP,there is an international conspiracy to halt the emergence of Modi.

Can't attend CHOGM: PM tells Lankan President,Khurshid to lead India

The PM has been under pressure within the Cong and from Tamil parties not to attend the CHOGM.


Jayalalithaa moves resolution in TN Assembly for India's 'complete boycott' of CHOGM

India's participation would be like it is endorsing 'inhuman' deeds of SL,she said.

From the Urdu Press

The surveillance of a Gujarati woman architect by the state’s then home minister,Amit Shah,on the orders of the chief minister emerged as a big issue.

Partying Lanka sighs for missing Manmohan Singh at CHOGM

It may all be a put-on but Sri Lanka,it seems,is having a grand public relations party.

Will seek international rights probe if Lanka fails: David Cameron

Cameron said no one wants to return to days of LTTE when they did "dreadful and brutal things".


Distressed that I could not bring PM to Jaffna: Salman Khurshid

Khurshid said that he didn’t want to pin blame for the decision.

David Cameron visits Jaffna,hears harrowing tales from Tamils

Cameron's visit came against the backdrop of alleged rights violations in the war against LTTE.

India's balancing act in Colombo

Sambanthan sidestepped a question on the absence of the Indian PM at the summit.

Sri Lanka defends rights record at Commonwealth

“We are open. We have nothing to hide,” Rajapaska said.