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Treat your child to these chocolate smoothie recipes

Choco nutella to choco almond, try these easy chocolate smoothie recipes at home and enjoy drinking it with your child.

World Chocolate Day 2019: Rocky Road to Quinoa Brownie, recipes your kids will love

World Chocolate Day 2019: Instead of ordering in a chocolate dessert, celebrate the day by involving your child is cooking these easy chocolate dishes.


Try out popular cookbook author Maida Heatter's Chocolate Mousse Torte recipe

The triple-layer chocolate torte, The New York Times' most requested dessert in 1972, was just one of the recipes developed by the legendary author, who died on June 6, 2019, at 102.

This weekend, try these easy chocolate recipes

Brownie cake to chocolate bomb, here are some easy chocolate dessert recipes that your children will love to eat.

Valentine's Day 2019: Treat your family to these desserts

Happy Valentine's Day: No celebration can be complete without delicious treats. Celebrate the day with your partner and children by indulging in these yummylicious dessert recipes.

Valentine's Day 2019: 3 delicious chocolate-based desserts to add a sweet touch to your celebrations

From Nutella Shahi Tukda to Melting Chocolate Ball - indulge in these delicious chocolate-based sweet treats with your special one this Valentine's Day.


Chocolate Day 2019: Indulge kids with these easy and yummy recipes

Chocolate Day 2019: Indulge in chocolate with your family with these delicious shots and frankie. Try these easy recipes.

Make this Granny’s Chocolate Fudge Cake

Once cooled and crumbs are brushed off, frost with Granny’s favourite butter cream frosting.

Quick and easy dessert recipes for birthday parties

Do the kids love Nutella, Oreos and ice-cream? They're sure to enjoy these three great dessert recipes.

Indulge yourself by making this Sizzling Chocolate Brownie at home

With one little sizzling brownie platter, you can have this amazing dessert entirely home-made, and whenever you want.

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Valentine's Week: 8 delicious chocolate recipes to impress your partner with

Because nothing says love more than whipping up something special for your partner.