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Chinese woman severs off ex-boyfriend's private part, kills him: report

After being raped by her boyfriend, the Chinese woman cut off her boyfriend's private part.

Woman infected with bird flu virus delivers healthy child

25-year-old Qiu was five months pregnant when she was diagnosed with H7N9 virus.


U.S. contractor charged with passing nuclear secrets to Chinese woman

Pacific Command was arrested on Friday and made his first appearance in federal court.

China sends first woman into space

The Shenzhou 9 capsule lifted off as scheduled at 6:37 p.m. (1237 GMT) on Saturday evening.

Chinese woman held for abducting Indian trader

Police freed Qureshi,a “purchaser working for an Indian businessman named Faisal from his illegal detention” on May 23,the report said.

Chinese woman detained for kidnapping Indian trader in Yiwu

The woman and her boyfriend had illegally detained the trader over a debt dispute.


Close Call

A 22-year-old Chinese woman was dragged to safety after trying to leap from a seventh-storey window.

Arrested Chinese refuses to abort

A Chinese woman,who was arrested in January for sneaking into the country and later sought permission to terminate her pregnancy

Chinese held for crossing border can terminate pregnancy: HC

The Allahabad High Court has permitted a Chinese woman,who along with her two countrymen was arrested for entering India illegally.