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Is Chinese Restaurant Syndrome a real thing?

An additive, MSG is often used to improve the taste of food. It is made up of free glutamic acid or glutamate, an amino acid found naturally in most foods.

Chew on This

A new Chinese restaurant takes one on a gastronomic trip around the Orient.


Winsome Dimsums

In the hands of visiting Chinese chef Li Yang,the popular dumpling emerges with authentic flavours.

Time for New

It's common knowledge but seldom put in words — Chandigarh is akin to a spoilt,elder sibling that gets everything first,especially when it comes to hospitality hubs.

Twin treat

Given the harsh weather,heading out in the cold takes a lot of effort.

Washed Out

We made our way through dusty,dug-up Connaught Place to reach a restaurant with a rather ambitious name — Wow.