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Marriott data breach traced to Chinese hackers, now US plans response

The hacking of Marriott’s Starwood chain, which was discovered only in September and revealed late last month, is not expected to be part of the coming indictments.

Chinese hacker groups to target India, global market threats in 2018: FireEye

As per a study by enterprise security firm FireEye, China would want to extend its influence in the Asia-Pacific in 2018, through cyber attacks targeting India and Hong Kong, among others.


Chinese hackers targeting India-China border dispute: Report

The hackers were detected in April ahead of PM Modi's visit to China in May and they ares till conducting attacks, cyber-security firm FireEye said.

Chinese hackers spied on India for a decade: FireEye report

Hackers, most likely from China, have been spying on governments and businesses in Southeast Asia and India uninterrupted for a decade, says a report by FireEye.

Chinese man accused of hacking US computers

The hackers targeted fighter jets such as F-22, F-35 and Boeing's C-17 military cargo aircraft program.

Cyber threats emerging from China loom over Pentagon's programs

The disclosure comes as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel heads to Southeast Asia.


Designs of advanced US weapons systems compromised: Report

Report says designs of two dozen major weapon systems critical to US were breached.

Chinese hackers steal Australia's new spy hub plan: Report

Information about the new intelligence hub of ASIO was illegally accessed by a server in China.

Chinese hackers attacking from HC replica websites?

Cyber expert claims websites with addresses similar to those of high courts are spreading viruses.

Is China behind growing wave of cyber attacks?

The long list of victims include the govts of US,Taiwan,India,IOC and World Anti-Doping Agency.