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Is Chinese Restaurant Syndrome a real thing?

An additive, MSG is often used to improve the taste of food. It is made up of free glutamic acid or glutamate, an amino acid found naturally in most foods.

Obsessed with takeaway orders? Think twice

Ordering a takeaway is an appealing option. But it may affect our teeth. So, think before you eat.


Word of Mouth

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication student,Itika Saxena,loves to eat at Chillax,which serves Chinese food at the Symbiosis-Lavale Road,near SusGaon.

Meal tickets: The far West

Viva Mexicana,a Mexican food festival,is being held at La Brasserie,Le Meridien.

My favourite food story

Sujit Kumar is project manager at a leading engineering company based in the city.

Noodles,ajinomoto not culprits: FDA

While Chinese food was being suspected to be the culprit behind hundreds of students falling sick at IIT Bombay last month,results of the tests conducted by the Food and Drug Administration show that vegetable hakka noodles and ajinomoto were not the cause.


I don’t mein chow

Authentic Chinese food is brilliant and impossible to get in India. But that might be changing.

Indian dishes fifth in list of travellers' favourite cuisines

Travellers criss-crossing the globe have ranked Indian food as fifth on their list of favourite cuisines.

Dimsum Delights

Small,round and plump,the cute dimsums,or momos if you prefer,are hard to resist.

Chatpata Chinese!

Now here’s a Chinese menu that’s been lesser explored in the city’s culinary circuit. Noodle Bar in Sector 26 is hosting a special ‘Sichuan Food Festival’ that brings food from the Sichuan Province of China closer home.