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Canadian woman briefly detained at Beijing airport: Reports

In what many analysts and diplomats believe to be retribution, China has detained two Canadians and sentenced a third to death for drug smuggling after an unusual and swift retrial.

US eyes Taiwan risk as China's military capabilities grow

Taiwan is only one of a growing number of flashpoints in the US-China relationship, including a trade war between the countries, US sanctions on the Chinese military, and China's increasingly muscular military posture in the South China Sea.


China is expanding its access to foreign ports, warns Pentagon

China's efforts to obtain access to commercial ports in Africa, the Middle-East, and South Asia would align with its future overseas logistic needs and meet its evolving naval requirements, the report said.

China using media, think tanks and tourism to influence global public opinion: Pentagon

In a report titled "Assessment on United States Defence Implications of China's Expanding Global Access", the Pentagon said China has made both direct and indirect investments in news media organisations abroad.

China asks state firms to avoid travel to US, its allies

In recent weeks, a regulatory body that oversees government-run companies has told firms to only take secure, company-issued laptops meant for overseas use.

China starts new recycling drive as foreign trash ban widens

A long manufacturing boom has saddled China with millions of tonnes of waste, much of which is buried in sprawling landfill sites or dismantled by hand in polluting backstreet workshops.


China to cut taxes, keep currency stable to counter slowdown

In July-September, China's economic growth sank to a post-crisis low of 6.5 percent compared with a year earlier despite government efforts to stem the downturn by ordering banks to lend more and by boosting spending on public works construction.

China says countries should end "fabrications" about Huawei

Huawei, the world's biggest producer of telecommunications equipment, faces intense scrutiny in the West over its relationship with China's government and US-led allegations that its devices could be used by Beijing for espionage.

China's exports fall by the most in two years, stokes fears of slumping global demand

Data showed China posted its biggest trade surplus with the United States on record in 2018, which could prompt President Donald Trump to turn up the heat on Beijing.

China says detained former Canadian diplomat does not have diplomatic immunity

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday chastised China over the detention of two Canadians following the arrest of a senior Chinese executive at the request of the United States.

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China kicks off world's biggest ice festival

The festival, which began on Saturday, has drawn millions of visitors from around the world every year since its inception in the early 1980s

Photos of world’s longest sea bridge connecting Hong Kong to Macau and Zhuhai

China officially opened the world's longest sea bridge connecting Hong Kong to Macau on Tuesday.


Made in China: Trump re-election flags may get burned by his tariffs

The red, white and blue banners for US President Donald Trump’s second-term campaign are ready to ship, emblazoned with the words “Keep America Great!” But they are made in eastern China and soon could be hit by punitive tariffs of Trump’s own making as he ratchets up a rancorous trade dispute with Beijing.

In Pics: Three-day Indo-Chinese fest kicks off in Kolkata

Chinese Consul General Ma Zhanwu advocated greater exchanges in the fields of culture, education and other areas to promote mutual understanding.

The secret rendezvous: When Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping met

North Korea's Kim Jong Un travelled to Beijing to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in a "secret meeting".

Breathtaking pictures from China's Harbin ice and snow festival

Check out these stunning images from China's famous Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.


China landslide: After more than 60 hrs, 2 people rescued alive from Shenzhen landslide

In the China landslide, more than 70 people are still missing when a mountain of construction waste material and mud collapsed and flowed into an industrial park in Shenzhen.

China's Shenzhen swallowed by massive landslide

The landslide collapsed and buried buildings at and around an industrial park in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen on Sunday authorities reported.

Evacuation begins as typhoon Chan-Hom approaches China

Typhoon Chan-hom is expected to hit land Saturday afternoon between the coastal cities of Rui'an and Zhoushan, south of Shanghai, according to China's national weather service.

International outrage can't dampen spirits at Chinese dog meat festival

Restaurateurs in the southern Chinese town of Yulin held their annual dog meat festival on Monday despite international criticism of the event as cruel and unhygienic.

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On Doklam and surgical strikes, Modi says Congress' comments were childish

Replying to the no-confidence motion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that when it came to Doklam, the Congress was all over the place when asked about meeting Chinese officials. And on surgical strikes, he said, the party's comments were childish.


Sikkim Impasse Explained: What Is The India-China-Bhutan Border Standoff? Watch video

Doklam standoff: On June 16, Indian soldiers stopped Chinese soldiers from constructing a road through the area in Doklam. This lead to a tense standoff between the two sides.


Exiled Tibetans criticise China for deploying missiles

Dharamsala, Feb 19 (ANI): Tibetans-in-exile on Friday criticised China’s move to deploy surface-to-air missiles on a disputed island in the South China Sea. The recent move by China stoked tensions between China and its Asian neighbours and the US. Tibetan government-in-exile spokesman Tashi Phuntsok said the move shows that China has imperial ambitions. He added that since there are claims and counter claims over South China Sea, which is an important sea route, international conflicts are bound to happen. Meanwhile, another Tibetan parliamentarian-in-exile Yeshi Phungstok said China might have maritime ambition to approach the Indian Ocean.