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New Silk Road critics are 'prejudiced', China's top diplomat says

Speaking to the ruling Communist Party's official People's Daily, Yang Jiechi, who runs the party's foreign affairs committee, said he had noted that some in the international community believed this was a geopolitical tool and would only bring debt traps for participating countries.

China's new 'Silk Road' cannot be one-way, says French President Emmanuel Macron

Unveiled in 2013, the Belt and Road project is aimed at connecting China by land and sea to Southeast Asia, Pakistan and Central Asia, and beyond to the Middle East, Europe and Africa


Will India Join China’s Maritime Silk Road?

Like most great powers in the past and as one of the world’s greatest trading nations China wants to be great maritime nation.

China’s Silk Road to Europe

China has opened a new transport corridor from Western China to the Atlantic running the expansive breadth of the Eurasian land mass.