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Monday, September 28, 2020

China is watching


Data insecurity

September 18, 2020 8:40 am

Committee to examine digital surveillance is a welcome first step. A robust personal data protection framework is needed.

Private firm; partners have no background in China military, govt: Zhenhua

September 17, 2020 7:26 am

Responding to reports by The Indian Express on how it was tracking 2.5 million individuals across the world, including over 10,000 in India, Zhenhua Data communicated through official sources in the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, and said it “does not offer any analytical services on the collected data”.

Express Investigation Part-4: Foreign secy, Niti CEO on list; Facebook bans Zhenhua Data

September 17, 2020 2:02 pm

Responding to The Indian Express reports, Zhenhua Data late Tuesday night said it was privately owned, its partners did not have any background in the Chinese military or the Chinese government, and its operation was “not illegal or unreasonable”.

Govt sets up group under cyber security head to probe China Watching, will report in 30 days

September 17, 2020 2:13 pm

The expert committee, led by Lt Gen (retd) Rajesh Pant, India’s chief coordinator on cyber security, will evaluate the “implications” of the digital surveillance by  Data Information Technology Co. Limited and “assess any violations of law and submit its recommendations within thirty days.”

Explained: Why China harvests India data, why track public figures

September 18, 2020 12:25 pm

Zhenhua Data scrapes information that’s in public domain. So what’s the big deal? The big deal is in how big data works, the sweep of the targets — and the uses it can be put to.

After Express investigation, Govt sets up panel to study #ChinaWatching reports

September 16, 2020 10:03 pm

As reported by The Indian Express on Monday, a Shenzen-based technology company, with links to the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party, was monitoring over 10,000 Indian individuals and organisations in its global database of “foreign targets”.

Daily briefing: Govt says no debate on LAC standoff in House; Ayodhya to host grand Ramlila to be screened online

September 16, 2020 8:45 am

From firing incident in Eastern Ladakh to NSA Ajit Doval leaving SCO meet in protest, read the top stories from print edition today.

Tracked by Chinese firm: Over 6,000 accused of financial crime, terrorism, IPL betting, narcotics, smuggling, big to small

September 16, 2020 1:15 pm

Among the high-profile entries being tracked are income-tax evasion cases against 19 companies founded by friends or relatives of former Satyam Group chairman Ramalinga Raju; the Vyapam scam involving Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board.

Explained: The nature of the cyber security threat from China

September 17, 2020 9:36 am

The working of the authoritarian regime in which the communist party, government, and military, as well as the worlds of business and academia are closely linked, provide a unique advantage to Beijing compared with democracies around the world.

Daily briefing: New economy under Chinese watch; NRIs bring in more dollars during lockdown

September 15, 2020 8:43 am

From the Express Investigation into China's snooping on over 10,000 Indians to US special envoy on Afghan peace process Zalmay Khalilzad visiting India to brief Delhi on intra-Afghan talks, read the top stories from print edition today.