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China detains 10 involved in October's military veterans protest

Grievances over military pensions and other benefits have been a long-running issue in China and there have been sporadic organised protests in recent years.

China unveils deadly bomber aircraft that is 'invisible' to radar

It is speculated that the Wing Loong II has been developed specifically for the export market and it can be used for surveillance and aerial reconnaissance missions. 


China slashes three lakh troops; reduces PLA size to two million

Li said the military had completed its goal of slashing three lakh troops, reducing the size of the 2.3 million PLA to just two-million-strong force.

Senior US general concerned over Chinese military buildup

"As China’s military modernisation continues, the United States and its allies and partners will continue to be challenged to balance China’s influence," said general Paul Selva of US Air Force

Indian, Chinese soldiers vow to maintain peace along LAC

Both the delegations interacted in a free, congenial and cordial environment.

Ground report: Half of Chinese troops leave, rest to follow

Swaraj said that the two sides have also decided on a timeline for the withdrawal of troops.


Incursions by Chinese troops cannot be ruled out: A K Antony

The Defence Minister Antony said people should 'not expect miracles' from them.