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How do diet, water intake and beverage like coffee affect children's brain

Children showed improvements in their hydration levels and working memory after consuming a higher amount of water--2.5 litres daily--than when instructed to drink just half a litre per day.

'Toddlers learn new words more easily from other children'

Child vocabulary: Researcher Yuanyuan Wang from Ohio University, said, "Much of what we know about the world is learned from other people. This is especially true for young children."


Surgery could improve walking ability in children with cerebral palsy: Study

The procedure, known as selective dorsal rhizotomy, involves cutting some of the sensory nerves from the legs while they enter the spinal cord in order to relieve stiffness, improve mobility and reduce the affected children’s pain levels.

More children are ingesting foreign objects; study

Dr Danielle Orsagh-Yentis, the lead author of the study opined that “It is a very upward trajectory". “It’s definitely something you don’t wait on. It should be a trip to the emergency room,” said Dr Aldo Londino, a pediatric ear, nose and throat surgeon at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

Here's how to teach kids the worth of hard work

Babies, who watch an adult struggle to reach two different goals before succeeding, try harder at their own difficult tasks than babies who see an adult succeed effortlessly, according to a study by MIT.

RPF, Eastern Raiway rescues 650 children

"Of these children, 251 were united with their parents while the rest of the children were handed over to NGOs, police or GRP," he said.


Is the Government correct in forcing students to get Aadhaar Card for Mid-Day meals?

India has one of the world’s highest demographics of children suffering from malnutrition. The government's responsibility should be to feed them, not arm-twist them into getting an Aadhaar Card.

Air pollution may worsen rheumatic diseases in children

Other than skin and joints, it can also affect other organs in the body such as the kidneys, the tissue lining the lungs and heart, and the brain.

Air pollution affects mental health in children: Study

Air pollution can do you more harm than you think. Do your bit and keep your environment clean.

Spending an extra week in the womb can help kids score better

Babies born at late term - 41 weeks' gestation - are slightly more likely to be classified as gifted.

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How pollution killed over 1 lakh children in 2016: News in Numbers

Over 1.25 lakh children in India below the age of five died in 2016 due to the impact of polluted air and almost one in five children who die from toxic air exposure across the world is from India, a new study by the World Health Organisation has sai

How safe children are in India: News in Numbers

Crimes against children have increased by 14% in India from 2014 to 2016. Take a look in today’s News in Numbers.


Not enough special courts to try POCSO cases: News in Numbers

Every district in India is supposed to have a special court for crimes against children. But many states don’t meet this requirement. Take a look in today's News in Numbers.

Shah should not lecture Congress on nationalism: Sibal

New Delhi, Feb 15 (ANI): Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Monday rubbished Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah’s comment on the Jawaharlal Nehru University row, saying he did not have the stature to lecture Congress president Sonia Gandhi or vice president Rahul Gandhi on the issue of nationalism. Sibal said instead of dealing with the university students in the way that they should be dealt with, the BJP was busy proving that they were criminals. Sibal further stated that India is no more under British rule and added that Amit Shah and PM Modi cannot stop these young children from speaking their minds.

PM Modi meets differently abled people in Varanasi

Varanasi, Jan 22 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Varansi on Friday to distribute aid to over 90,000 differently abled people. Prime Minister Modi is expected to talk to five differently-abled children, who have recently gone through cochlear implant surgeries. The PM will also hand over artificial limbs, tricycles and other equipment to some of the beneficiaries.

Six dead, 20 injured in school bus accident

Junagadh (Gujarat), Jan 21 (ANI): A school bus in Gujarat’s Junagadh area met with an accident on Thursday. Six people, including four children and two women, have been killed in the accident. More than 20 children have been grievously injured. Medical aid is being provided to the injured children.


Lohri celebrations across India

Amritsar, Jan 13 (ANI): The nation celebrates the bonfire festival of Lohri today, signalling the end of the Winter Solstice. The people of Punjab and Haryna primarily celebrate Lohri in which during the day, children go from door-to-door singing folk songs in praise of Dulha Bhatti, a person with the similar image of Robinhood, who robbed the rich to feed the poor during Mughal period. Festivities usually include a large bonfire which is surrounded by people as they enjoy the warmth munching peanuts and sweets.