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This green book inspires kids ‘to explore their inner world’, says author

"Friendship, like most relationships, requires learning and understanding. If as children, we know of the qualities that make a good friend, we will develop the right discernment and know how to nurture these qualities in ourselves."

Father’s Day 2019: These children’s books make great gifts for dads and kids

Happy Father's Day: Gift a dad you love with a pick of these children's books, which include delightful picture books that can be read aloud to younger kids for some special bonding.


‘Take kids outdoors, to parks and birdwatching sites’

“The book features birds from marshy wetlands like the Purple Moorehens, nocturnal birds like the Indian Nightjar, those commonly found in our urban cities like the Asian Koels, Magpie Robins, sunbirds, kingfishers and Jungle Babblers, among others.”

World Milk Day: 11 children’s books to get your kids interested in milk

World Milk Day 2019: Check out these colourful books that you can read with your kids to introduce them to the process of where milk comes from, starting from the farm to the table.

Summer vacations: Why reading books is a good idea for kids during holidays

Summer vacation with children: Sometimes, a parent may find it difficult to inculcate the habit of reading in their child. In that case, they can opt for books in a comic format or graphic novels to create an interest.

Summer vacation: 12 children's books for kids to read these holidays

Summer vacation: Get your kids to spend their holidays reading these children's books by Indian authors to open up their world of imagination.


Jawaharlal Nehru death anniversary: Know more about India's first PM with these children's books

Jawaharlal Nehru death anniversary: Get your child to read these books on India's first prime minister.

Jawaharlal Nehru death anniversary: How the former PM showered love upon kids

Jawaharlal Nehru death anniversary: It was a long and winding road that took the child born at Anand Bhawan to his last steps as the Indian Prime Minister at Teen Murti Bhawan. It was not an easy journey.

Judith Kerr, author of children's book The Tiger Who Came to Tea, dies at 95

Judith Kerr: Best known for The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Mog the Cat series, the author was producing stories and illustrations from a child's perspective well into her 90s.

World Turtle Day: 11 children's books to learn more about turtles

World Turtle Day 2019: The purpose of this day is to bring attention to and increase knowledge of tortoises and turtles. Here are some books you can read with your children to make them aware.