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Busting top 5 myths of infant care in winter

In an attempt to keep our babies happy and protected, we sometimes resort to old-wives tales or radical new fads which may or may not be effective. Here, our experts (Dr Rajiv Chabbra, consultant peadiatrician and Dr Seema Oberoi Lall, senior dermatologist, Gurgaon) take on some of these theories and scrutinise them to make a mom and baby's lives easier.

Children worldwide not physically active: Report

Inactive children are at risk for adverse physical, mental, social and cognitive health problems. This generation will face a range of challenges, including the impacts of climate change and increasing globalisation, says the researchers.


Classroom friendships may offset effects of harsh parenting: Study

The study has found that angry, threatening and highly critical parenting is more likely to result in children with defiant, non-compliant and revengeful behaviour that spills over to adulthood and impacts relationships with all authority figures.

Probiotics won't help kids with 'stomach flu': Study

The study has found that there are no treatments for pediatric acute gastroenteritis other than giving children fluids to prevent dehydration and, sometimes, medication to relieve nausea.

Mother's weight determines child's BMI: Study

Parents have a major impact on their children's health and lifestyle. Behaviours that lead to obesity are easily transferred from parent to child, say reports.

Father's lifestyle can have impact on kids' health in adulthood: Study

A new study suggests that lifestyle practices of fathers prior to conception too can affect children's health in adulthood. There is also increasing evidences that fathers play an important role in obesity and metabolic programming of their offspring.


Childhood obesity linked to hip disease in adolescence: Study

Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE) is one of the most common reasons for a hip replacement in young adults, and sometimes even children. It occurs mainly among obese teenagers, affecting 1 in 2,000 children.

Eat fish thrice a week to boost your unborn's eyesight, brain

According to the study, infants whose mothers ate fish three or more times a week during the last trimester of their pregnancy fared better than those whose mothers ate no fish or only up to two portions per week.

Spiritual practices in childhood may boost health, cut depression later

Children and adolescents who attended religious services at least weekly were nearly 20 per cent more likely to report higher happiness as young adults (ages 23-30) than those who never attended services.

Can the father’s diet affect his child’s health?

Turns out, it is not just the mother who needs to eat healthy. Even the father’s diet and lifestyle can affect his child’s health in the long run.