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Design thinking in children starts with empathy

Outside the home, the process of design thinking must begin as early as kindergarten, encouraging children to question and find solutions to their everyday problems.

How augmented reality can help early learners

Augmented reality for pre-primary education chiefly focus on helping children familiarise and associate themselves with real-life situations that are otherwise not possible to recreate within the four walls of the classroom.


Kids learn to interact socially during classroom teaching

When students are in a classroom, they learn social interactions with peers; make friends as also establish rapport with teachers. It is vital for children to develop socially along with their academic education.

10 cool educational apps your kids will love too

We live in an age where knowledge knows no bounds and access to it is practically free. So we've rounded up a few of our favourite apps that promise to be both engaging and educational for your child.

Watch: Why every child needs a champion or an adult who won't give up on them

"Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be."

Fun with Maths: How to teach odd and even numbers to your child

The concept of even and odd should be taught when the child is making sense of pairs and is well-versed with quantification rather than just learning a rote number sequence. One can also try teaching about these mathematical elements in a story format.


The need for inclusive education: Every child has different needs

Inclusive education needs to look at boundaries in personalities and temperaments, in motor and verbal skills that are more implicit and not a disorder but a need nonetheless. Taking initiative, performance in extracurricular activities and even in academic has a lot to do with these early associations a child makes.

The case for education: As parents, we can't live in glass castles

As a parent, I feel that we can't live in glass castles. When our children grow up, they'll be forced to deal with a harsh ecosystem of corruption and violence because it would have stemmed from ignoring the needs of other marginalised kids.

'Robotics can be a useful tool in formal education'

Robotics, as the new wave in the formal education system, is a great way to provide children and students with a more efficient technological education. In fact, anyone, at any age can learn through robotics technology.

Watch: How to instill love of learning in kids

"If we are not developing our child's desire to read then we are letting them down. Reading causes thinking. If you want your child to think then you get them to read," says Doon school headmaster Matthew Raggett.