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Xi tries to ease debt worries, says Belt and Road not an exclusive club

Xi said: “Facts have proved jointly building the "One Belt And One Road" has not only provided new opportunities for the development of all countries in the world, but also opened up new horizons for China's opening-up and development.”

Dragon-elephant tango

Matters like the listing of the Security Council 1267 Committee should not curb growing India-China ties


Trump says he's inclined to extend China trade deadline and meet Xi soon

US and Chinese negotiators had made progress and will extend this week's round of negotiations by two days through Sunday, Trump told reporters at the White House as he met with his top negotiators and their counterpart, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He.

Chinese President Xi Jinping says military must resist 'corrosion' of corruption

President Xi has repeatedly warned about the threat of corruption to the country and the party, and has vowed not to let up in the fight against it.

China won't give up 'one inch' of territory: Xi Jinping tells Jim Mattis 

"We cannot loose even one inch of the territory left behind by our ancestors. What is other people's, we do not want at all," state television cited Xi Jinping as saying.

North Korea's Kim meets Chinese President amid China-US trade war

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang reportedly evaded questions on Kim's visit and its purpose. Instead, he said that details of the visit will be released in a timely manner and according to a specific situation.


President Xi Jinping confers upon Vladimir Putin 'highest state honour of China'

Presenting the medal, Xi congratulated Putin on winning the first Friendship Medal, and also expressed his respect and admiration for Putin's contribution and efforts to building a peaceful world, official media reported.

With secretive China trip, N.Korea's Kim builds bargaining power

Analysts say North Korea has been hurt by tightening UN sanctions and would need Beijing's support for any softening of trade restrictions.

Strictly follow CPC leadership: Xi to military, govt institutions

Over 1.5 million Chinese officials, including over 100 ministers, were punished in the massive anti-corruption drive carried out by Xi in the last five years which also enabled him to consolidate his power.

TIMELINE-The rise of Chinese leader Xi Jinping

The son of Communist Party revolutionary and one-time deputy prime minister Xi Zhongxun, the younger Xi spent decades working his way up party and government ranks, but his consolidation of power since becoming head of the party in 2012 has been unprecedented.

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Tibetans protest as Chinese President Xi Jinping visits India

Tibetans living-in-exile in India held protests in New Delhi as Chinese President Xi Jinping began his visit to India.

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Why this informal meeting between PM Modi and Xi Jinping is so important

PM Modi will meet Xi at about 3 pm (local time) Friday at the Hubei provincial museum. The two leaders will head for a one-on-one meeting at the premises and also tour the museum together.