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‘Budget to promote growth, ensure macro-economic stability’

Arvind Subramanian said economic dynamism in the medium run would turn to cooperative and competitive federalism between states.

Modi's new Budget team in place: Arvind Subramanian is Chief Economic Advisor

rvind Subramanian has been appointed by the government as the Chief Economic Advisor to the Finance Ministry. Arvind is currently a senior fellow at PIIE.


US-based Arvind Subramanian poised to become new chief economic adviser

If confirmed, Subramanian's appointment will bring a second economist of international renown after Rajan.

History shows India's growth concerns will override rupee defence

The central bank's policy bias towards supporting growth is innate,even in a crisis.

Indian rupee,bonds open stronger on chief econ adviser comments

Economic Adviser has said that all options are being considered for funding CAD

Rajan defends apex bank’s move to manage Re volatility

The finance ministry's chief economic adviser Raghuram Rajan on Thursday defended the Reserve Bank of India's intervention to manage volatility in the rupee


Rajan: Looking at sovereign bonds to tame Re volatility

The government’s policy intention right now is also to attract more dollar inflows to finance the current account deficit

Rajan: Need no bonds to bridge CAD

There is no reason to consider issuing a sovereign bond in global markets to fund India’s bulging current account deficit (CAD),the finance ministry’s chief economic adviser Raghuram Rajan said on Sunday.

UN official Ajay Chhibber tipped to take over from CEA Basu

Senior government sources said that Chhibber’s name has been recommended for the post

Kaushik Basu meets PM to clarify his comments on economic reforms

Basu has said that major economic reforms in India is unlikely to happen before 2014 polls.